ArtSparks is . . .

A CELEBRATION of the visual arts focusing on elementary school students. An art appreciation program which exposes over 6000 Allen school children and adults to great works of art.

An EXPLORATION of what is seen with one’s eyes, as well as with one’s heart and intellect. Students use not only their eyes but also their intellect and heart to put into words thoughts about what a work of art means on a personal level.

A COLLABORATION of city local sponsorship and citizen talent. ArtSparks is sponsored by the Allen Arts Alliance and staffed by dedicated community volunteers. Volunteers include parents, grandparents, retired educators, and local business leaders among others.



ArtSparks Experience:

Art to Go IMG_1432 portrait smallA volunteer visits a classroom once a month (Oct -April) bringing a theme-based portfolio containing 6-12 art reproductions.

Prompted by thought-provoking questions and purposeful activities, students discuss what each reproduction means on a personal level.  Reproductions used during the 30-45 minute visit may represent several types of media, such as paintings, photographs, sculptures, architecture and other forms of visual expression. Encouraged to interact with the reproductions, participants come to recognize the impact of the visual image and how to express personal values and ideas.


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