Intuitive Evolution: A Journey Through Process & Discovery

‘Intuitive Evolution’ brings the passion of discovery from the “what if?” of painting. As the artist’s intuition grows and emerges, artwork evolves and progresses in new directions. This constant change and discovery excites the soul and further pushes towards curiosity of what will become. Through pure abstraction, we invite the observer to explore their own intuition and curiosity in this collective body of work.

Exhibit Dates: Friday, March 2nd through Sunday, March 25th, 2018

Gallery Hours: Wed-Fri: 5 pm – 9 pm, Saturday: 1 pm – 9 pm, Sunday: 1 pm – 6 pm

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 1st, 6 pm – 8 pm

All events are open to the public. Free admission!

Christine Smith-Atkins

Christine Smith-Atkins started her professional Artist career straight out of the Art Institute in Dallas, into the Interactive Entertainment industry where she created 3D art and animation for video games, accredited on 7 published game titles with several companies over a decade span. She also freelanced as a graphic artist/photographer for several years while her children where young and then branched over into the technology field where her fine art became a pastime activity for approximately 5 yrs. Recently Christine has come back to her fine art roots, Currently serving as Vice Chair for the Visual Arts League of Allen, and working full time on her art mainly with Acrylic paint, Resin and various mix media mediums. She teaches art and art history in studios, through workshops, at Collin College and through private lessons.

Her style has evolved over the years from surrealistic portrayals to a more emotional expression of abstract art. This work explores techniques that embody color, composition and form in an attempt to capture the emotion of a memory or feeling that she hopes is translated to the observer while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic quality.

Using color and free flowing form to invoke emotion and thought, the artist takes a deep dive into personal aesthetics and what drives the heart. With little to no literal interpretation, but with hints of suggestion, the viewer is invited to allow their introspective thoughts to roam through the jungles of these tangled colors and forms, pulling at personal emotions or memories that may be brought to mind. Let your mind wander…

Ron Stephens

Ron Stephens’ art background is based on an interest developed early on growing up in Texas. As a painter Ron started late and see the last two years as an evolutionary process. He began painting in watercolor after reading books and taking a weekly watercolor course from Tom Wellman, President of Southwestern Watercolor Society at that time. Since then, he has taken workshops from Nita Leland, Carl Dalio, Naomi Brotherton, Arne Westerman, Mark Mehaffey, Ratrindra Das, Jane Jones, Skip Lawrence, Leslie Frontz, Maureen Brouillette, Andy Evansen, Michael Holter and Richard Stephens.

Ron has been accepted into many local and regional shows and has  won several awards. He received his Signature status in SWS and to the Texas & Neighbors exhibitions in 2014 and to Western Federation of Watercolor Societies in 2016 and Texas Watercolor Society in 2017. Ron is the Publicity Chairman and former newsletter editor of the Southwestern Watercolor Society.

Painting abstracts early on to experiment with the challenge of something entirely fictional, concentrating on the juxtaposition of shapes, lines and texture. He enjoys compositions that combine good shapes with interesting texture, line and harmonious color choices to make an exciting painting, and likes to experiment with collage elements that compliment the design and add interest. The passion in his work comes from the “what if?” of painting. With abstracts he may start with a drawing that provides a blueprint, but as the painting progresses see things that evolve into much more than imagined. It is this constant change that excites Ron and the curiosity of what will evolve.