Forrest Aderholt “Supposed Structure” – October 7 through November 5, 2016

Recently, Aderholt’s works have been large abstract paintings composed of opposing elements to form complex compositions. ‘Supposed Structure’ contains dynamic abstract works that utilize tension and opposites to create a cohesive whole. The paintings contain opposing forces such as gestural, organic marks juxtaposed against tightly rendered geometric forms that echo the tension and complexities in a contemporary art world influenced by globalization, imperialism, and movements to return to native cultures. Compelling hard-edged diagonals along with the movement of quickly painted marks lead the eye around the canvas. Among the dense layers, scenes of forms either coming together or exploding apart in disarray can be seen.

Forrest Aderholt: “I do not attempt to create abstract representations of current global societal complexities, but these ideas swirl around my mind while I paint. I create my paintings through layered dichotomies and contradictions to create dense compositions of opposing, dynamic forces. I often start with a layer of improvisational broad marks until I discover a composition I feel I can respond to with layered, controlled geometric shapes in a back- and-forth manner. In the end these opposing ideas not only compete and create tension but also form an alliance to create a cohesive whole that forms this body of work, ‘Supposed Structure’.”