“Eclectic Expressions”

On display at Blue House Too beginning October 6, 2021!

Meet the artists of the “Eclectic Expressions” exhibit!

Lavanya Challa

“Being an architecture major, I trained in and enjoyed being creative. Now,
through my paintings, I get the opportunity to express my playful, bold, and
unrestrained self! Recently, I’ve also been exploring painting large
abstracts – I like the challenge, complexity, and spaciousness of it. I’ve
been painting on a variety of surfaces like paper, untreated canvases, and
wooden panels, while also including different mixed media. I juggle my art
practice with being a mom of a special needs child – which both inspires
and constrains me.”

Anindita Dasgupta

I create art to channel my creativity and for the joy it gives me. I paint florals,
mostly, because flowers speak to my soul and then I also paint some landscapes
depicting my travels around the US. The most recent addition to my portfolio is
‘Digitally created art’ and I am trying to reinvent this tactile medium with my
creativity. My art is abstract and intuitive. I truly hope that my art brings joy to all
who see and own it!


Seetal Verughese

My passion is creating abstract art that radiates energy, whether it be through
bold, vibrant colors, metallic sheens or shimmering glazes. In my art, I often
incorporate modeling paste as a base to my paintings to create exciting texture
and a 3rd dimension. The goal is for my art to invoke a transfer of its energy,
whether energetic or soothing, to the beholder.


Madhupriya Srinivasan

I create art that motivates, empowers and brings joy! Working in layers, I portray
my inspiration from nature and everyday life. Watercolors and Acrylics flow and
blend effortlessly in my meditative process, creating a sense of calm and


Aparna Pottabathni

Aparna Pottabathni is a residential landscape designer and a landscape painter
in the Frisco, Texas area. She helps homeowners create treasured experiences
in their oasis by crafting functional outdoor living spaces and gardens. Her years
of expertise in architecture and garden design combined with her love for
watercolors creates that perfect symbiosis for her paintings. How she captures
the mood of a scene by building depth, and bringing focal points & mystery
through the play of light and shade is her signature painting style. 


Shraboni Bhowal

A person with a technology background, art is my new found passion. I paint
different kinds of subjects like landscapes, figurative art along with Indian,
Mughal and Native American art. I use various mediums too like Acrylic, oil and
water colors. I am a self-taught artist and I love to put my emotions on canvas
through my creativity and love for art.