‘Abstract Dreams’

Brigitte Salvans

Sunday, August 19, 2018–Sunday, September 30, 2018


Brigitte S. Salvans was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany.  

Her passion for painting began as a child when she would sit outside her home and paint the beautiful German sunsets.  As her painting skills developed and her love for artwork grew, she decided to study Modern Art at the Kunstgewerbe-Schule, were she refined and began specializing in modern abstract painting.  Since then, Brigitte’s artwork has been showcased in Europe, Latin America and the US.


“My great love and passion is abstract expressionism, specializing in the technique of painting with spatulas. Painting with spatulas provides me the freedom of movement and enables endless creativity. The use of painting with a spatula permits the multi layered, vibrant, and textured oils to bring life to the canvas.  The use of painting with a spatula is a different approach to abstract artwork that many have not been able to master.


My artwork is inspired by my experiences and emotions.  My desire to learn about other cultures and lifestyles has driven me to live in multiple countries which has been a source of inspiration behind my artwork.

I invite you to reflect over multi colors and shapes exalting our sense of contrast and texture. The paintings have up to 10 coats of paint and have the power to transform any space.


Thank you for your interest, und Auf Wiedersehen”


Opening Reception

Sunday, August 19th