“Bringing Art to Life” – Memories

By June 4, 2017Art exhibits

Today I will share my favorite Bill Carter photograph and my favorite Judith Dunbar painting. Totally different artists and totally different media, but the one thing that these two pieces have in common is that they are bringing back fond memories from my youth.

Bill Carter photographed “Off the Beaten Path” in Hawaii.
Even though it is a slightly different landscape (and completely different continent!), the old dirt path and the makeshift fence reminds me of the countless hikes my parents took me and my brother on when we were little kids. The peace and tranquility when we were off the beaten path, miles away from other people, were priceless and I am grateful to Bill for bringing these fond memories back!

“Ball Gown” by Judith Dunbar.
When I was young(er) I loved dressing up, and there is no denying the feeling of glamour a beautiful ball gown invokes in a young woman! Although I have never had a ball gown quite as glamorous as the one depicted in Judy’s painting, it still reminds me of the sleek evening gown that my mom made for me for my end-of-college dance. My mom was amazing and could make anything she set her mind to, and I felt like a million bucks that night!