“Bringing Art to Life” – Life is Exciting

By June 10, 2017Art exhibits

Last, but not least: ‘Life is Exciting’ by Marie Renfro.
I am always sad when an exhibit ends, so what better way to end this blog series than with a beautiful and uplifting piece by my favorite artist! Together the energizing red colors and the title “Life is Exciting’ make it impossible to be anything but happy and excited. I started the blog series with Pamela Van Laanen’s ‘Inspiration’, and I am ending it with ‘Life is Exciting’. Both beautiful artists, inside and out, creating artwork that brings out abundances of happy energy. Artwork that I know I will love and cherish for the rest of my life.

I am so privileged to have been part of the ‘Bringing Art to Life’ exhibit, and so excited about being able to get to know all these wonderful artists! Life is indeed exciting!!