“Bringing Art to Life” – Horses!

By June 5, 2017Art exhibits

‘Peruvian Paso’ by Helen Bailey.
Helen’s drawings are amazingly lifelike, and the details will just blow you away. The drawing of the Peruvian Paso is my favorite because it is such a great example of Helen’s work. The details of the reigns are exquisite, and the personality, strength and gentleness of the breed really shines through in this drawing!

History and horse breed lesson:
The Peruvian Paso horse is native to Peru. Because of its isolation for almost 500 years, the Peruvian Paso horse has evolved as one of the purest breeds in the world. It is a direct descendant of the Spanish horses brought to America by Christopher Columbus and the Conquistadors.
With its thick mane and forelock; and small, tipped ears, the beauty and grace of the Peruvian is legendary. The Peruvian Paso is known as the smoothest horse in the world due to its smooth ride and amiable temperament. The gait of the Peruvian Horse is passed 100% to its offspring, and they often look as if they are on parade.