Art From Venezuela – Dina Atencio

By June 24, 2017Art exhibits


    Nocturna (Nocturnal), 2017

    Artist Dina Atencio

    Mixed Media on Canvas

    71 x 57 inches

‘Nocturna’  is definitely my favorite painting of all of the artwork from Venezuela. It may not be what the artist intended, but to me the lady in the painting looks like the quintessential Latin-American doña. Refined, dramatic, and a bit mysterious.

I find myself getting drawn to her eyes and her face, in fact so much so that I have completely missed another part of the painting! It wasn’t until today, when a visitor at the gallery  pointed out the landscape below her face, that I actually saw it. But, there it was. The small lake, surrounded by trees, that looks like the neckline on her clothing. The night sky, with a hint of red from the setting sun, that makes up the colors on her neck. And it makes me like the painting even more!

Atencio’s’s work expresses serenity and romanticism through a figurative style, hinting of vivid temperaments and sensitivity. Her themes are mostly female with faces that represent sensuality and mystery, as well as a touch of old emulated in their outfits from the early 20th century. See her busy creating at: