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Supposed Structure

by Forrest Aderholt


Through layers of dichotomies and complex compositions these works are able to create a balance in tension. By juxtaposing opposing elements, the work echoes the societal and political complexities in the contemporary world. Among the dense layers, scenes of forms either coming together or exploding apart in disarray can be seen.

Forrest Aderholt’s abstract paintings are composed of dense layers of contradictions, forming compositions that echo the societal and political complexities in the contemporary world, see http://www.forrestaderholt.com/.


Exhibit Opening:

“Supposed Structure” opens on October 7th.

Exhibit Dates:

“Supposed Structure” will continue to be on display from October 8th to November 5th.

Allen ISD Elementary Art Show

by elementary school students


The Allen ISD elementary school art team is inviting you to their annual elementary school art show. Selected artwork by students from every AISD elementary school will be on display.

Hope to see you all there!!


Exhibit Opening:

The AlSD Elementary School Art Show opens on November 17th.

Exhibit Dates:

The AlSD Elementary School Art will continue to be on display from Nov. 18th to Nov. 27th.




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