image001The tree, perhaps nature’s most dramatic and intricate piece of art, provides the perfect symbol for the Allen Arts Alliance and all that we represent. Just as the tree is nurtured and supported by its many roots, some small, some large, the Arts Alliance draws on support ranging from the smallest, yet vital, individual gifts to large, sustaining corporate contributions.

These nutrients are then carried from the roots into the trunk, which provides a solid and secure base for the tree, to be dispersed into the the limbs and the leaves. Like the trunk of a tree, the Allen Arts Alliance provides the foundation, the structure and the support for the many arts organizations in our community, some only beginning to bud and others more mature and alive with growth.

The result is a triumphant flowering of color and activity as the limbs grow bigger and stronger, each celebrating its own individuality, yet together creating a majestic source of beauty, comfort and life for each and for the community beyond.