Grant Applications

The Allen Arts Alliance awards grants to qualifying organizations on an annual basis. The deadline for grant applications is second Friday of February. Organizations must be 501c3 and based in or largely serving the Allen community. Organization must support the Allen Arts Alliance events throughout the year with volunteers and other support as requested. Funds may be used for anything fulfilling the applicant organization’s mission statement with the exception of the following:

  • grants to individuals
  • payment of deficits
  • payment for courses of academic credit
  • mortgage interest/depreciation
  • scholarships and/or fellowships for board members/volunteers (other scholarship grants are acceptable)
  • social functions
  • fines, penalties and litigation expenses
  • underwriting, subscriptions, investments, stocks, bonds or any other financial obligation
  • political action committees
  • religious groups

No grant may exceed 25% of the applicant organization’s previous year’s budget.

Grant allocation will be determined according to the following criteria:

  • artistic/cultural merit –35%
  • benefit to the community –30%
  • fiscal responsibility – 35%

Applications should include the following:

  1. a brief history of the organization and it’s purpose
  2. a description (not to exceed one page) of the artistic/cultural merits of the organization’s programs
  3. a description (not to exceed one page) of the benefit to the Allen community of the organization’s programs
  4. previous year’s financial statement and projected budget for next fiscal year
  5. letter from IRS stating 501c3 status
  6. list of board of directors
  7. by-laws, charter, articles of incorporation
  8. optional: support materials such as publicity of previous events, etc.

Once a grant has been awarded, all future promotional materials of the applicant organization should include the statement “Funding for this program has been made possible through a grant from the Allen Arts Alliance.”

The organization has 30 days from the close of its fiscal year to present the AAA with copies of appropriate proof of expenditure totaling the amount awarded. The AAA may also request advance notice of upcoming events held by applicant organizations and may require free admission for one grant committee member (for purposes of evaluation of use of grant money).


Submit your application to:

Allen Arts Alliance

Re: Grant Application

P.O. Box 1209

Allen, Texas, 75013

Download Application